Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to make a Mini-Book :)

This is what I do, my JOB :) It's definitely more lucrative in the summer when I have a weekly booth at the People's Market , & around the Holiday's when people are looking for unique homemade gifts :) First you round up all the necessary supplies.
Then you have to measure and cut all your paper (this is the WORST part). Then you adhere the cover, pages, then ends. This is my Favorite glue, it works VERY well & it's cheap. I have tried MANY, MANY different glues, I even bought a REALLY expensive book binding glue thinking it might work better, IT DID NOT! So, sometimes cheap is better ;)
After you do that you ink & chalk all your edges :)
Then you are ready to decorate :) So here we have our before picture......
And here is the after............

There you have it, 1 mini-book ready for pictures :)

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