Thursday, November 20, 2008

There are days when being a Mother pays off, like yesterday. You always wonder how many of the things you say end up in the compartment of their brain that is labeled save. Especially when it seems like most of the things you say go in one ear & out the other. Then something happens and you realize you must be doing something right. Yesterday I was woken up out of a sound sleep, by the sound of my sons dresser door, so I glanced groggily at the clock, 4 am???!?? So I stumble sleepily into his room to tell him that it is WAY to early to get up & that he has to go back to bed until 6 am. After a bit of grumbling he heads back to bed, turns out that one of the fitness tips on the new wii fit game told him that a great way to start the day is to get up early and work out.
He has been obsessed with this game since we bought it, I don't really understand why seeing as how the little man is more on the underweight side. But I am glad he enjoys it, he is my little reading/science/brain child and sports are not his thing, so it has been a good thing. Ok, so after I have drug myself out of bed, showered, turned on the girls light to get them up, I end up in the kitchen at about 7 am. There on the table are 5 cereal bowls, 5 spoons, a box of raisen bran, a gallon of milk and the sweetest little note- mom I set the table so you and dad will have time to eat breakfast with the girls. (he, of course, has already eaten & is downstairs jogging) So I get all teary eyed, what mom wouldn't. It really made my day that's for sure.

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Pamela said...

Oh my gosh! I'm all teary eyed just reading it! What a sweet heart..something you'll never forget! May the trend continue! Great job Mom!

Thank you!!!

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