Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Eve My Way

This is a great tag I got from a fun blog, which you can check out here-> :)
I get to list 5 of my Favorite things about New Years Eve.
Then you are suppose to tag 5 people- I only have time to tag 1 today, Luis,
so if anyone else wants to play along they can copy the tag and post their own
list. Here Goes-

5- We get to stay up till midnight & watch corny old movies.

4- My Kids get so excited that they get to count down to a New Year.

3- We never go ANYWHERE on New Years Eve, I get to stay home :)

2- I get to spend it with the People I Love most in the World, My Family.

- I get to kiss my high school sweetheart/my lover/my husband at the
stroke of Midnight.

It's almost time for a New Beginning

Saturday, December 27, 2008

One Year Down the Drain

As it gets closer to the end of 2008 I find myself doing some Self Evaluations,
some Soul Searching. Did I do all I wanted to do this year? Did I meet my
goals, expectations, hopes? The more thinking I do the more I find wanting, so many things that didn't happen that I wanted to happen. I am one year away from 30- the big 30- and to be honest it's scaring me a little.
There are so many things I want to do before I turn 30, I feel like if I don't get my Life straightened out before then that I won't be able to. I'm sure it's just a crazy mind set, but I am having a hard time getting past it. So this year will definitely be a year of goal setting, there is a lot I need to get done & one year to do it in. I'm starting my list & will have it posted on New Years Eve, I have never done the New Years Resolution Thing- but this year it may be my last hope, before all I see at the end of 2009 is another Year down the Drain.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Papertake #2 for me :)

Here is my card for the Papertake Weekly Challenge.
I made a Birthday Card for my Brother-in-Law
hopefully it's manly enough :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Reindeer Food & Other Fun

This was a really fun craft that we made this year, it also doubles as a cute little Christmas Gift.
You need-
10c. oatmeal, regular
1c. brown sugar
1/4t. salt
1/4 bottle red sugar sprinkles
1/4 bottle green sugar sprinkles

Mix all together well, place 1c. of the mix into a disposable icing bag,
and tie shut with a pretty ribbon. This makes 10 bags of Reindeer Food.

I used my computer to make cute tags for these. The directions on the tag
say to sprinkle half of the contents of the bag over your front lawn for
Santa's reindeer, the remaining food you save for your Christmas Morning
Breakfast- to prepare you mix 1/2c. water with the remaining oats, stir- cook
in the microwave for about 1 min.

These were a lot of fun, we made them at home & as a craft project for my
3rd graders Christmas Party at school & the kids loved making them.

For Teachers gifts this year we made each of them a pkg of Candy Cane Cocoa Mix,
which I have the recipe for here- Candy Cane Cocoa Mix.
Also a bag of Reindeer Food, an Herb Rice In a Jar Mix-
And a pkg of Freeze dried Snowballs for their Cocoa.
Happy Holidays!

Yes we are Crazy, but we LOVE each other :)

OK, after the crazy week last week I parked myself in my home & didn't leave for almost 3 days, & only left it than because My Sib's & cousins were all getting together at my Gram's for dinner. I LOVE hanging out with my family, we are such a goofy bunch, we laugh & tease & hug a lot. The biggest reason we were getting together was because my cousin & his wife flew in from Alaska & were going to be here for a few days. It's always great to see them, & this was a bit bitter-sweet. He's an Army Chaplain & is being sent back over to Iraq. It was great to see him, & hard to say goodbye.
Also this is our first Christmas without Grandpa, he passed away in August, So this year amongst the laughing, teasing & love, there were a few bittersweet tears shed- For my Cousin who is leaving us, & for the Grandpa we all adore & miss so much. But underneath it all is such a strong love of Family, that I thank God for everyday. I hate goodbyes, and have come to learn that they are one of the hardest steps we take in this Journey called life.

Here are a few of my Favorite Pic's from the afternoon-

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Dinner Insanity

Here's for all of you who are making Christmas Day Dinner, On the Crockpot Lady's Blog she has a great list of Holiday Foods- Main dish- through- Desserts that can be prepared in the crock pot. If you are interested Click on the Smiley here :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tag You're It ;)

Pam from Pam-fried Family Life Tagged me this morning with this - so here it goes-

1- I am the middle child of 7.

2- I have visited 8 different countries.

3- Since My Hubby & I have been married 10 years ago we have moved 10 times.

4- I do NOT like cats, unless I have mice, then I like mice less than cats, so I borrow a cat ;)

5- Growing up I had 4 goats, 2 horses & several pet rabbits.

6- I have lived in 5 different states, before I got married I was a nanny.

7- I have a brother that looks so much like me that people have asked if we are twins :)

Now I tag 7 people- hmmmm :) Jumping in the Rain Puddles of Life , Crystal, Lisa,
Christine, Kristina, Keri, & last Yesterday's Tomorrow. If you want to play along, you can copy the tag from my page or Pam's. If you don't that's fine, Thanks everyone :)


Good Morning! :) I got up early and started working on some more
Christmas Cards. I made 2 of each of these using punches,
Embossing powder, & a stamp. 6 down 44 to go.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holding on for a Scrap Fix

Here I am in the middle of ...dun...dun....dunnnnnnn. Finals week, not for me but for Hubby.
Which means that I am not only dealing with his stress, but I get all of our family responsibilities on my shoulders alone. Deep breathe, it's Wednesday, almost done. I am holding out for Friday Night when finals are all over, and I have a date with the scrapbook store crop till you drop night. My bag is packed with fun papers, stickers, fibers, my latest pictures and lots of other goodies.Today I ran across something that was fun and exciting, a great fun blog candy giveaway. You know you can't say no to candy ;) Dawny is giving away a scrumptious assortment of Scrappers candy, You should defiantly check it out. As for me I am holding on for Friday, not only will I get some scrapping done I will get a much needed break. 2 Days to go.........

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Super Cute Stamp Giveaway

There are some super cute stamps here, Pollycraft, check it out if you are interested :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Papertake Weekly Challenge

I am entering a paper crafting challenge, I am sooooo excited :) I made a sweet little Christmas card to enter in. The Challenge is on the blog Papertake Weekly Challenge. So everyone please wish me luck. This is my one ever, & the first time I have ever scanned anything into my computer, as you could probably tell, it is a little crooked. Happy Monday All! :)
Here is my card-

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The letter P

I am excited to join in this game, I got my letter from Pam, if you wanna play check out her posting here
Today's post is brought to you by the letter "F"
I am suppose to list 10 of my Favorite things that start with the letter P . So here it goes-

#1- Play- I love to play with my kiddo's, & I love to play board games, & card games.

#2- Plants- I love plants, all kinds.

#3- Polka's- I love to dance the Polka & I secretly love polka music ;)

#4- Pinto Beans- They are my Favorite Bean, very versatile.

#5- Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie- need I say more, yum :)

#6- Pockets- I love pockets, I have to have them in my skirts even. Kid pockets often have great treasures in them, I find them when I take things out of the dryer.

#7- Pillows- New ones to be exact, & lots of them.

#8- Purple- especially with Green.

#9- Parfaits- yogurt, granola, & berries, good stuff.

#10- Pairs- I believe everything should be in pairs, probably why I have 4 children instead of 3, I don't like things to be uneven.

Sigh, a new week already?

I LOVE Friday, it has to be my most favorite day :) I just can't wait to hide in my house for 2- 1/2 days, grin, grin, OK that doesn't really happen. But just the thought that there are really no places I have to go really makes me happy. Saturday is cleaning day here, I can usually get the kids to help, even if I have to promise a cookie baking session when we are done. They LOVE messing up my kitchen ;) The Hubby is usually at work, or studying at work. So me and the Kiddo's just hang out. I enjoy having people over, that way I don't have to go anywhere, so we often have game parties, movie parties, party parties- I like parties :)- on Sat. night. Sunday I putter around picking up and doing laundry, trying hard to pretend it won't be Monday tomorrow.

Cause once Monday hits, everything is in fast forward again :( Up at 6 and everyone out the door by 8. Since I no longer home school the kids I feel guilty , so I volunteer at the school a lot. And because there are 3 of them there, and we believe in equal treatment ( it cuts down on the whining) I spend time in each classroom weekly. Besides that there is homework, TaeKwon Do, piano, cooking, laundry, watching my 6 month old niece, taking care of the doggies, yard, house, car, ( I am easily overwhelmed :) The bus doesn't come to our house, so we drop off and pick up (which I don't mind, I really don't like the whole bus thing for kids). There are always a million HAVE to do's. So that's why when Friday comes around I get so excited. And dang it, tomorrow is going to be Monday again already isn't it? Darn.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Daisy Quilts Giveaway

Thanks to Pam for the info on this :) Everyone should definitely check it out :) There are
some really neat things at http://daisyquilts.blogspot.com/2008/11/thanksand-giveaway.html
And right now she is having a really great give away. I don't quilt, I scrapbook, but I do get a lot of great page layouts from quilting designs. Fun, Fun :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Salmon CheeseBall

So I got an odd phone call from my sister a couple days ago, which by the way is perfectly normal, wondering where in the world I buy the salmon cheeseball that I quite frequently bring to family gatherings. She had been searching all the grocery stores for it, I said ummm, I make it. (Who would buy a store bought cheeseball, yuck).
When I offered her the recipe, she very sweetly asked if I could just make her one (cause she loves me so much <3). So I did but I made her watch how because I am not, no matter what anyone says, a short order cook (which I never say because my family starts to laugh & say well you ARE short and you DO cook, ha ha ha, never gets old). SO to get to the point, I am a rambler :) I thought it would be fun to do a step by step of my yummy Salmon Cheeseball.

So step 1- you need 2- 8oz pkgs room temp. cream cheese, about 8 oz of cooked salmon, 2c. shredded chedder cheese, 1t. Worcestershire sauce, & about 1T. Season All salt.
Step 2- Beat together all the ingred. except the shredded cheese,
see how technical it is :)

Step 3- Scrape the sides of your bowl & add in 1c. of the shredded cheese.

Step 4- Place half of the remaining cheese on a plate, using a spatula scoop half of the cheeseball mixture onto the plate.

Step 5- Form into a ball while rolling in the cheese. Wrap tightly in saran wrap to hold the shape, repeat with the other half & store both balls in the fridge. I usually make these a day ahead, but not always :)

Step 6- (The most important) Serve with your favorite crackers, yum!

Thank you!!!

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