Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, Okay I know I am a little bit early. But I just got my turkey into the fridge to thaw and I got all excited!!!! The kids are out of school for the next week and I don't really think I am going to get anything else posted until after Thanksgiving. Soooooo I thought I would post my Thanksgiving Menu and recipes and ask for a little teeny weeny bit of help. First the recipes, then the help k?

Crockpot Wassail

I am making Turkey (duh, of course), I really wanted to try brining (spelled?) it but I don't think I am brave enough, maybe next year. I am however going to make a Rosemary, Sage Butter to stick under the skin and rub all over my Turkey- Yum :)

Stuffing, Stove Top, I am not a big stuffing fan or I would mess with it more I guess. Hubby is the stuffing fan and He likes Stove Top so that's how we roll around here.

Fluffy Whipped Mashed Potatoes

Turkey and Onion Gravy

Green Bean Casserole- still undecided if this is happening.

Veggie Platter

Baked Sweet Potato Casserole
2 large sweet potatoes, peeled, quartered
1/4c. butter
1/4c. cream
1t. vanilla
1/2t. cinnamon
1T. brown sugar

1/2c. pecans
1/2c. brown sugar
1/2t. cinnamon

Oven 350
Boil sweet potatoes until soft, drain, whip with remaining ingredients. Spread into and 8x8 baking dish. Sprinkle with the topping ingredients in the order given. Bake for about 20 min. Turn oven to broil, watch it closely I think I cooked it about 3 minutes on broil. Serve hot.

Rolls- my favorite recipe is here at AR.

My Gram's Lemon Fluff recipe- turned blue :) (I will post this later with a picture)

Pumpkin Pie

Banana Cream Pie- AR

Old Fashioned Coconut Cream Pie- AR

Eggnog Creme Brulee

Raspberry Tiramisu

For appetizers- or game time later that evening-
I am making my Salmon cheeseball
and the Green olive Artichoke Dip- with leftover rolls.

Just posting all that made me feel stuffed!
Now I know I went a little crazy with the desserts but it's my favorite part :)
I was looking over my Menu and realized there was something missing............ Did you notice? Go look again, I will wait.............. Yes, you're right CHOCOLATE!!!!! How could I have forgotten the Chocolate!!!
I really can't decide what to make though, I already have 3 pies and I don't really feel like a cake would work. So I am asking all of you for help, pretty pretty please :) With Vanilla Sugar on top???
I need an amazing chocolate recipe to round out my Menu and I am counting on YOU.

Thank you all and if I don't post again until after the Big Day-

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!


***Holly*** said...

I love reading other people's Thanksgiving menus, even if they are almost exactly like mine! ;) I'm going to check out your roll recipe,as that is the one thing I still have left to figure out. Just noticed the "Give More Rice" section. Is that new? I'm going to check it out! Happy Thanksgiving!

Willoughby said...

Wow, that's a pretty ambitious menu! But if you still want something chocolate, what I would do is make fondue. You can make homemade or buy a good premade hot fudge sauce (I honestly prefer it and I'm usually a homemade kinda gal), and use whatever you like for dippers. That way you could have it for dessert or part of your game time snack.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Lissaloo said...

Holly- The Give More Rice is an awesome site I'm glad you're checking it out, I posted it on my side bar because I really like what they are promoting.
The roll recipe I discovered a couple years ago and LOVE it, the dough will be a little sticky but you want that. It makes amazing rolls! :)
Willoughby- That's a wonderful idea, it would be perfect for game time :)

Raoulysgirl said...

Sounds great!

I'm at a loss on the chocolate. I've banned it from my menu this year because we ALWAYS have chocolate and Mommy's tired of it. I make the rules = NO CHOCOLATE!!!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

L.B. said...

Yum! That sounds like a fantastic dinner! The rolls intrigue me but I've not been brave enough to do yeast breads yet. Maybe we can both be brave - you with the brine and me with the yeast!

That corgi :) said...

sounds yummy! and I'm coming to your house for the sweet potatoes; no one likes them here

my mom used to make really good homemake stuffing, chunks of stale bread, cook this, add that, mix together, stuff bird. I learned Stove Top real early and that's what we use when I cook a turkey; doesn't quite imitate hers but I'm not hours in the kitchen either :)

enjoy your week with your kids! do something fun with them and make memories! let them help stuff the bird and cook all those delicious meals!

chocolate recipe.....geesh I have none....this is usually when I resort to calling and ordering something LOL; I know though you will find just the right thing to make

Happy Thanksgiving! you truly are blessed :)


5thsister said...

I make my turkey the same way. Something about the herbed butter between the skin and breast makes for the most fantastic bird. Great menu!

BashfulToast said...

Oh my goodness. I am so hungry now! Everything sounds so delicious! You sound like your going to have a very filling Thanksgiving!

Monica H said...

I'm going to have to try those rolls for sure- I love 'em sweet!

When you asked what was missing from the menu I immediately thought "where's the cranberries?!"

We always make a chocolate pecan pie (recipe on my blog) that I LOVE! but I've also been wanting to try the chocolate cream tart that TWD'ers posted a couple months back. It looks delicious! I also like the idea of fondue at game time.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Holly said...

Yum...posting my sweet potato recipe later. Your meu sounds yummy!

Can you believe I was not officially following the heck that Happened I do not know...all fixed!


Chicago Mom said...

How about you have someone else bring the chocolate? :) I cannot believe you are going to make all that food yourself! We have a huge Thanksgiving spread too, but only because everybody brings something. Good luck!

Lissaloo said...

Chocolate pecan pie sounds delicious :)
I am the only one who likes cranberries so I am saving that for another time.
Thanks Holly, I thought so too,lol :)
I had all this decided because we thought we were having quite a few coming now it's down to just 8 besides our 6, but with all the yummy leftovers I won't have to cook for awhile, yay! :)

Donna-FFW said...

Your turkey menu sounds fantastic. Perfectly planned and so well coordinated..

How about a brownie trifle? Layers of brownies, freshly whipped cream, hot fudge, crushed up candies, repeat layers...

Menopausal New Mom said...

I can't imagine you need to add anything more to your menu. Maybe a chocolate drink of some sort but man, you are going to be one busy lady.

I love the Stove Top, we use it too and tastes great. Trust me, no one will notice it's out of the box especially when surrounded by everything else that will be gracing your table!

Bon Appetite!

Nonna Beach said...

I must tell you this is an awesome menu and I wish I was a guest at your Thanksgiving dinner...yum !!! Love you and have a very Happy Turkey Day !

kys said...

I wonder if your grandma's lemon fluff recipe is the same as my mom's? I love it!

Lissaloo said...

Dinner was great and the leftovers are AWESOME! I love Thanksgiving leftovers, there never are enough though lol. Hubby thinks I need to make another batch of rolls but I am cooked out! Maybe next week :)

Kys- I will post the recipe next week and we can compare! We love it, we were discussing the other day how many different flavors we have made it into, yummy!

Donna- Brownie Trifle! I can taste that already! I didn't make anything chocolate for T Dinner :(
Which left me with a chocolate craving and I can see a brownie trifle in my future ;)

5thsister said...

come on over and pick up your newest award!

Thank you!!!

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