Monday, December 22, 2008

Yes we are Crazy, but we LOVE each other :)

OK, after the crazy week last week I parked myself in my home & didn't leave for almost 3 days, & only left it than because My Sib's & cousins were all getting together at my Gram's for dinner. I LOVE hanging out with my family, we are such a goofy bunch, we laugh & tease & hug a lot. The biggest reason we were getting together was because my cousin & his wife flew in from Alaska & were going to be here for a few days. It's always great to see them, & this was a bit bitter-sweet. He's an Army Chaplain & is being sent back over to Iraq. It was great to see him, & hard to say goodbye.
Also this is our first Christmas without Grandpa, he passed away in August, So this year amongst the laughing, teasing & love, there were a few bittersweet tears shed- For my Cousin who is leaving us, & for the Grandpa we all adore & miss so much. But underneath it all is such a strong love of Family, that I thank God for everyday. I hate goodbyes, and have come to learn that they are one of the hardest steps we take in this Journey called life.

Here are a few of my Favorite Pic's from the afternoon-

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Kristina P. said...

You look like you're all having a great time! Merry Christmas!

Thank you!!!

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