Saturday, December 6, 2008

Daisy Quilts Giveaway

Thanks to Pam for the info on this :) Everyone should definitely check it out :) There are
some really neat things at
And right now she is having a really great give away. I don't quilt, I scrapbook, but I do get a lot of great page layouts from quilting designs. Fun, Fun :)


Pamela said...

Okay, to post the button on your side bar. Go to the button either on my blog or Daisy's Quilts and right click on the button. Choose "save picture as" from the window that pops up. This will save the picture of the button into you pictures folder on your computer. Then, on your blog, go to "customize". Choose "add a gadget". Then choose "add a picture". When the window pops up, "browse from your computer" and choose the pic of the button. You can also attach a link to this pic so your viewers can click on the pic and it will take them to Daisy's Quilts. Just put in her site address where it asks you for the link info. I hope that helps. :)

Robyn said...

Hi Lissaloo and thanks for entering my giveaway too!! Good luck :o)
Thanks to Pam for helping you to put my link button up...have a go...once you do you'll know how easy it really go girl!!
Bye for now,
Robyn xx

Lissaloo said...

Thanks Robyn & Pam for the comments :) Also huge thanks Pam! I posted it! It worked, I'm really excited, thank you, thank you :)

Pamela said...

ok's your letter: "P"

My Three Girls (The A girls) said...

love the black and white video. I wanted to say that I totally get the married single mom thing. My hubby is working on his doctoral degree. It a quick doctoral which meas that they are pushing his group to all finish the doctoral in 18 months. He goes away one long weekend a month. On top of all the school work. But we are almost done....7 months to go....wooo hoo.

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