Thursday, March 19, 2009

Green Day, Rootbeer Float Cake, and post from the Slacker

I feel like I have been a total slacker lately, an online slacker, I haven't been on here much. I have been feeling a little blue for some unknown reason, which is not uncommon- I have issues :)
Anyhow I wanted to post about a few fun things. I wanted to show some pic's of our Green Dinner-

And My little helper K, helped me make a delicious cake, RootBeer Float cake from Lisa's Cookbook. There are a TON of great recipes on there, if you enjoy cooking you should definitely check it out.
So here I have my little Kitchen Sla.... I mean helper :)

Here are the cast of ingredients

Here is the K stirring up the ingredients, this recipe is awesome and super easy- see the 6 year making it?????

Super Easy and you can check out the recipe here- :) :) :)

Here it R my other helper, he wanted a taste and I told him NO, he got a chewie instead, poor little guy.

Here we have our fluffy frosted cake, I think I will sample a piece, if I'm careful no one will even notice ;)

See how sneaky I was :)

Yum everyone LOVED it, Thank You Lisa!!!

Also there is a Blog I wanted to share with you all- Got Org is a great blog if you need some help organizing your life, which I DEFINITELY do. She has great helps and tips, it is a great one to check out as well and you can get there by going here- :) :) :)

Happy Thursday All! :)


Raoulysgirl said...

I've been wondering where you've been! Glad you dropped us a line! Hope the craziness in your life settles down a little. As for feeling blue...I know what you mean. I've found that when I'm feeling blue, I just have to remember to B-R-E-A-T-H-E...stop holding your breath, silly!

I truly know how you feel...just trying to make you smile! :)

Erica Hanks said...

The cake sounds FAB! I'm going to try it for sure!

My boys were gone for "green" day this year. So nothing fun happened...but I did wear green. Does that count??

Willoughby said...

Glad you're back! I'm sorry you're feeling blue, I get like that from time to time, too. Maybe getting back to blogging will help get your mind off it.

Kristina P. said...

That cake sounds great! And I love the overabundance of frosting. I am a big frosting girl.

Gracey said...

Hey, I missed you! I know exactly how you feel - there is obviously a reason why I have been MIA myself. But I keep telling myself that everything will work out. It will!

As far as your blog suggestion goes... well, I have to say that "Got org?" is a pretty misleading title! LOL

Lissaloo said...

Thanks Gals :) I am getting there, and blogging does help for sure :) Thanks for the kind words and laughs :) You all are great! :)

Donna-FFW said...

YAY!!! Youre back, missed ya,lady! Cake sounds like a MUST try!! Looks awesome!

Lissaloo said...

Thanks Donna :) You are such a sweetheart :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa! I have your entry drafted and ready to go. There will be the explanation at the top, then the three entries ( you are #3) and I use your name with a link to your blog. I don't want to post that until I know it's okay from you, but I think your blog can be found b/c you follow mine anyway, yk?

So I will have this up tonight and you can invite your readers over to see the three entries and then vote. The Poll will be below all three entries. :)

Anonymous said...

okie dokie Lissaloo.. you are up and running.... invite everyone you know!!!

Tammy said...

That cake looks perfect for my hubby's birthday! Do you make the cake with the directions on the box? How much rootbeer do you put in there? TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME!!


Tammy said...

Ummm, nevermind. I saw the link to your cookbook blog. I got it.

Lissaloo said...

I'm glad you found it Tammy, I hope it turns out perfect!

Thank you!!!

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