Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Reviewed, Awarded, Googled, Pleased and Frustrated

I have been honored with a review by the Blog Brew Review.
How cool is that! You need to check it out, I have already found a couple of great new blogs to follow :) The link to read my review is HERE, I hope you will go check it out- like I said, very Cool.

I received 2 new awards this one is from 5th Sister -

Thanks you 5th Sister! I want to pass this on to-

Menopausal New Mom

Holly- from In the Kitchen with Holly, her blog The Tipsy Cook is also Hot :)

Erin- from The Mother Load

I received this award-

From Holly at 504 Main, Thank you Holly!!

With this award I need to tell you 10- I think it was 10, random things about me- so here is me being random :)

1-I learned to bake bread and rolls when I was about 9 or 10, I took yeast breads in 4-H and got a blue ribbon at the fair for my loaf of bread :)

2-I hate chickens, I don't even enjoy eating chicken. Growing up we had to help clean out the chicken house, gag, gag, even the memory makes me gag. Chickens are just nasty, they poop everywhere, leave their lice filled feathers everywhere and even bite- or should that be peck- people. Nasty.

3-I HATE conflict, I can't do it, I am a run away and hide person. Unless my children are involved and then I am the mother bear.

4-I like things to be even, symmetrical, matching, I have issues- it's probably stems from having to clean out the chicken house :)

5-I can't stand clutter, it drives me nuts- I like everything to be neatly in it's place- I guess that goes along with #4- Dang those Chickens!

6-I LOVE to read, I can read a good size-200/300 page novel in a day or 2 if it's good. I will stay up all night if I have to :)

7-I cook when I am antsy or frustrated, so if you come over and my cookie jar is overflowing- Watch Out!

8-I carved my first pumpkin this year, ever since I was a small child the smell of raw pumpkin has made me very ill- no clue why. So usually when Hubby and the kids carve pumpkins I go shopping. This year I braved it and helped out- I had a migraine for a couple days but I survived and it was kind of fun- in a gross, slimy sort of way.

9-I LOVE the smell of Coffee, it reminds me of my Grandpa. I like to stroll slowly down the coffee isle at the Grocery Store and I get my Coffee fix that way :)

10-Blogging has turned out to be so much more fun that I could ever have thought, I never would have thought I could do this- I am hopeless with the computer- but I figured it out as I went and am still learning new things. Blogging is Awesome :):):):)

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5th Sister posted a fun one this morning- at least I think it was this morning, my day has been a bit crazy today.
Anyway what you do is Google your first name and "needs". Then type the 1st 15 headings as your "needs".

1-Lissaloo needs Loopy Knitters

2-Lissaloo needs a Spunky Monkey Profile (that's scary)

3-Lissaloo needs Krafting with Kids

4-Lissaloo needs Help! I need to immigrate! (lol, nice)

5-Lissaloo needs a fencing contractor

Thanks 5th Sister that was a blast!

I only did 5 this post is already on the longish- (my Pooh Bear word of the day)- side :)

Onto the rest of my "intriguing" post title description- I am pleased with all the Great awards and the Cool review.

BUT I am frustrated with my little Miss M, frustrated may be putting it a bit light, she is driving me downright crazy!!!!! I can't remember when the last time she slept in her own bed all night was, and getting her to take a bath has become a daily battle. Screaming, crying battle.

You may need a little background info, Miss M has SI- Sensory Integration Disorder, it's a form of Autism.
When she was a baby I knew there was something different about her, but when I brought it up with her pediatrician she just told me it was fine, it's just colic or teething or general crabbiness. But her being my 4th child I wasn't buying that, we had been through all of those things and this didn't fit.

When my phone would ring- she would cry hysterically, when the door bell rang- she would cry hysterically, when I tried to bath her- she would cry hysterically, when sweet little old ladies in the grocery store would smile at her- yeah you got it- she would cry hysterically.

I couldn't vacuum the floor or listen to music, it was crazy. When Miss M was about 1 her pediatrician moved and we went to a new one, who knew right off the bat what I was talking about, because her 9 year old son has the same thing. While there is nothing to be done except teach her that things are ok and not get frustrated with her- um yeah- but there definitely is an issue.

She has gotten over the fear of strangers and is now too the extreme the other way where everyone is her friend. She still hides from the vacuum, won't let me get farther than a room away after I put her to bed, and is now insisting the bathtub drain is going to get her.

During the day when it's just me and her at home she is my shadow and never lets me out of eyesight. But if we are out shopping and she is little Miss Free Spirit. I am at my wits end.

On the other hand she is extremely bright, she started talking before she was a year old, by 1-1/2 she was stringing together sentences and by 2 it was all old hat. Somedays I can only wish for silence. The child is super smart, her favorite game in the car is Spelling, I give her a 3 letter word and she spells it.

Anyhow I guess I will just have to take the good, with the crazy. Sorry for being a complainer, I got it off my chest though and now I'm better.

Oh yeah, I have been wondering- some of you have blog names/fake names and sometimes your real names pop up and I never know how you feel about other people using your real names but I wanted to ask. If you have feeling one way or another please let me know.

I am cordially yours-
Lissaloo ( which is one of my nick names in real life- sad huh? ) Or just plain Lissa :)


5thsister said...
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5thsister said...

Thank you! You can all me Polly if you would like. I don't mind! You little Spunky Monkey you!

As far as little Miss M...it will get better. Munchie Boy had some SI issues too. It's much better! It took a lot of OT sessions but well worth it.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

One..congrats. Two...you are up to the challenge and you can vent here anytime. Three...my real name is Lee and I am a queen, so you can use mine!

Kristina P. said...

Congrats on all your awards! Well deserved. I love your recipes.

Chicago Mom said...

Thanks for the award and congrats on your Blog Brew Review!
Poor you and Miss M. I have no experience with SI, but it does not sound fun. Could you and her take a shower together, or is another of your kids young enough to bathe with her? Hope my suggestions aren't too lame!
I don't like to use my real name on Blogger - Chicago Mom is good enough - thanks!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi Lissa, Congratulations on your awards! Awesome and thank you so much for thinking of me when passing one on. There is nothing better than getting that thumbs up from a fellow blogger!!! I'm thrilled!

PS: Let me know if you plan to mention my give away in one of your posts this week. Just noticed you have two comments in there right now and I know someone is bound to notice Lol!

Monica H said...

I'm just plain ol' Monica :-)

You are the award Queen! Thanks for always thinking of me when you pass them on. I also like reading more about you and yur family in your posts. Thanks for sharing!

Darn those chickens!

kys said...

Congrats on your awards and thanks for giving me one, too.

I don't mind being called by my "real" name. I only use a fake one on here because not many people have my (married) last name. I didn't want to show up on any relative's Google searches.

It's your blog and you can complain every day if you want! Also, have you ever taken your daughter for an occupational therapy evaluation? OT can help with SI issues.

Lissaloo said...

Thanks for all the kind words and suggestions, you are all awesome. I am going to check out the OT maybe that will help her, I explain the drain to her every day and she says she understands and but I guess it's just an irrational fear. In our last house one of the toilet had stain in the bottom of it and she refused to ever use that toilet, it's those little things that just get me. I am ready to try anything :)

Raoulysgirl said...

Congrats on the awards!!! Thanks for gifting me with one!!! I'll post it later on in the week!!!

I HATE chickens. I've never had to clean after them, never had to live around them...I just HATE them. I like to eat them, though!!!

And you can call me Christi! I don't mind at all. It's probably much easier to type than Raoulysgirl (which is probably why everyone calls me "RG"). Hey, "everyone"...you can call me Christi!!! =]

Holly said...

Congrats on your awards!

I knew I didn't like chickens for a reason - thanks for reinforcing that!

Vent away...that is one of the reasons we are all here. You are a super mom with a lot of strength!

As for my name..I am Holly...too late to hide now!

Donna-FFW said...

Thank you Lissa. I am so touched you thought of me, and congrats to you for receieving them!!

That corgi :) said...

congrats on your awards!! I checked out your blog review; that is a cool blog! loved the review she wrote about you and I left a nice comment there :)

so sorry about Miss M. Why don't doctors listen to moms since moms do know their kids best?? My now 25 y/o daughter, it took years to get the doctors to believe me that there was something "different" about her; finally a doctor picked up she had Asperger's (also on the autism spectrum) when she was 15. By then it was hard to "change habits" so to speak.

I think someone did recommend OT; definitely that would be a good thing to do; there are lots of programs out there to help, hoping one is available where you are at

hugs to you; it is hard raising a special needs kid; make time for yourself!!!


***Holly*** said...

You are so sweet!!! Thank you!!! :)

Thank you!!!

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