Friday, January 16, 2009

Gray & Lavendar Treasures

A friend has asked me to help her with her sisters wedding, I am excited I love planning parties, of any kind, & while weddings are a lot of work it is also a lot of fun! Her colors are Gray & Lavender, So I have been searching the net for ideas. I have found a picture close to the cake she would like (I get to make the cake 2!) Here it is-ok, the cakes in the middle & hard to see but that is the closest thing to what we were looking for. Also, fun little tid bit of info, by Montana Marriage Law they can have anyone they choose officiate the wedding. I think they have decided to have his Grandfather officiate, so they will get to plan out their own vows and what will be said for the Ceremony.
I'm finding out all kinds of things I wish I had known when I got married a million years ago! oh well, that's what happens when you are young & dumb, uh I mean young & impetuous. I really am joking, I Luv U Hunny! :)
So I am off to do some more searching..............

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