Saturday, May 30, 2009

What do you make when it's too HOT to cook?????

Salsa & Guacamole!!!!
The perfect summer night dinner ;)

I rounded up ingred. for a picture, then after I started mixing things I realized that there were a few things missing, dang it. Anyhow they are listed in the ingred. they just missed the photo opt, the slackers.

My Big Sisters Salsa

3 Roma Tomatoes
1/4c. Onion
1T. Lemon Juice
1 Clove Garlic
1/2t. Salt
1/4t. Cumin
1/4t. Chili Powder

I love my Salsa, non-chunky, so I throw everything in my food processor and pulse until it's really blended, however you can pulse it to whatever consistency you prefer.

Creamy Dreamy Guacamole
2 Avocados
1/4c. Onions
1 Clove Garlic
1/4c. Sour Cream
1/4t. Salt

Run the Onion, and Garlic in the food processor until finely minced. Add the remaining ingred. and pulse until completely blended.

Now I sprinkled chopped cilantro on top of both of both of these, but you could also add it into either of these when you are mixing them.

Add a bowl of Tortilla Chips into the plan and you have one tasty summer dinner/snack. There is a recipe on AllRecipes for Guac. that I wanted to try, it called for cream cheese which I didn't have on hand so it will have to wait for next time.


Willoughby said...

Looks good! I love home made salsa and guac, but I usually just buy the premade kind (I'm lazy like that sometimes).

Kristina P. said...

My husband hates guacamole, so when we go out, I get to eat all of his too!

Gracey said...

It looks delicious!

Donna-FFW said...

Lisaloo- They both sound and look perfect. What a great choice for a hot night!

5thsister said...

Your guacamole is beautiful! So what's the trick to prevent the avocado from turning brown? I've used lemon juice but my quacamole still turns the color of baby poop. Help!

thrasherswife said...

yum - two of my favorite things -- wish I was your neighbor!!!

Lissaloo said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments!

5th Sister- If you place plastic wrap on top of the guac, completely cover the top of your container then press right onto the top of the guac, it helps a lot.

Tammy said...

These look so good. I will have to try them. Mmmmm love me come guac!!!!

Lynn said...

We both love salsa and it's low in calories too...LOL to you for your encouraging comments on my blogs. You are simply awesome!

Kristen said...

Yes that is the perfect too hot to cook if only I had that problem in my part of the world!

Monica H said...


Will you email me so I can have your email address :-)

PurpleHoodieChick said...

I love homemade salsa! My mom used to make it all the time! I think you have the same recipe!

Thank you!!!

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