Sunday, June 14, 2009

Missing 1 Krazy Woman....... reward offered

Just kidding, here I am :)

It seems like too many things caught up with me at once, we took a load of things to our new house this weekend & I am back packing up the rest. The party was a blast, of course I forgot my camera, BUT I do have lots of yummy recipes from it to share so as soon as we are settled in our new place I will get those posted.

My herbs are growing WONDERFULLY, I am so excited. They are growing so fast I keep having to find new ways to use them everyday, parsley in your scrambled eggs folks is pretty darn good :)

While we are finishing up the moving & all, I will be taking a bloggy break :(
I have too many other things that I have to be doing, darn it, but when I get back will have lots of fun stuff to share.

Stuff to come-

Stuffed 'Shrooms
Herb & Shrimp Wonton Cigars
Mini- Chocolate Cheesecakes
Green Tea Truffles

How to re-cover a bar stool
Kids Sundress step by step
Twirl Skirt step by step
and a 2 new mini- books

I hope everyone has a great few weeks & I will be back in July!


Kristina P. said...

I cannot WAIT for those recipes!

5thsister said...

good things to look forward to! good luck on your move.

Monica H said...

Ooh, I look forward to your upcoming posts!

Willoughby said...

Good luck on your move! I can't wait for your upcoming posts, sounds like some great stuff!

Gracey said...

Good luck on your move! :) We'll be waiting!

ChristineM said...

Good luck on your move!

Thank you!!!

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