Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gourmet Popcorn the Easy way

Miss M and I went to a craft fair the other day and suffice it to say that I spent WAY more money than I should have! In my defense there was a lot of really neat things so see, and touch and smell and eat. I didn't expect to see so many food type things, and we were hungry, not a good combo :)
One thing that we tried that I thought I could make myself was some Gourmet Popcorn. There were lots of different flavors but my favorite one was a Peppermint popcorn, which was very odd because I don't like white chocolate or peppermint flavored things. But I LOVED this. So later that afternoon I picked up some ingred. from the grocery store and begin my experimenting :)
Here we have our ingredients-

I used half a pkg of almond bark, it melted down to about 1 c.- I melted it in the microwave. and used about 1-1/2c. of peppermint candies and ran them through the food processor until they were a powder.

I cheated for the popcorn because I hate how the kernels get stuck in you teeth and hey this is an experiment remember??

So I mixed about 1/2c. powdered peppermint candies into the 1c. melted white almond bark and divided 6 cups of my (fake) popcorn into 2 gallon zip baggies. I poured in half the chocolate mixture into each and shook and gently smooshed each one around until it was mixed.
Then I dumped them both onto a cookie sheet and spread out to dry.

This was YUMMY, I think it would be better with regular popcorn, this had a really strong butter flavor that was a little odd, but not bad. I can't wait to experiment with this further : )


BashfulToast said...

I love experimenting with food! And I love that kind of popcorn. It's almost like cheetos! haha

Kristina P. said...

I am going to have to try this!

I am making the apple dumplings from The Pioneer Woman tonight.

kys said...

That looks like something I could handle making! Yummy too. I love peppermint.

Willoughby said...

That looks like a great recipe to make for the holidays. I usually make caramel corn from AR for the kids to give to their friends, but this looks like fun to experiment with different flavors.

5thsister said...


Raoulysgirl said...

I love the Puffcorn! It's my favorite (and the only way I eat popcorn with my tummy issues). I'm not a big fan of flavored popcorn, but I'll bet my girls would be! I may have to try this, just for them!

Monica H said...

What a cool idea! This would be great for gifts for the holidays. I bet it was tasty. And it's pretty too!

Chicago Mom said...

Wow! I love white chocolate and peppermint, but with popcorn? If you say it's good, I'll have to try it! haha! Thanks for doing the testing for us!

***Holly*** said...

All you need now is some snazzy packaging and - tada! - Christmas presents!

Buckscaper said...

The recipe looks good but the dollar store puff corn looks scary! :-)

To avoid stuff getting stuck in your teeth while still getting good popcorn flavor, use hulless popcorn - you can get it at and it really is hulless. In a whole bowl of popcorn I might find 1 or 2 hulls.

It also has really good taste so the recipe will be even better.

Kim said...

This would be a great recipe to hand out to friends or in goody bags. My family LOVES popcorn in a big way. Great idea.

Thank you!!!

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