Saturday, October 10, 2009

Krafting with Miss K (and the girls)

We found this craft on Martha's website,
Super easy, Super cute. I got all my supplies at the dollar store, a pkg of balloons and a pkg of glow sticks.
Blow up the balloons- white works best- let the air out. Get your glow sticks glowing- we used 2 per balloon but I think that more would be great! Blow up the balloon again and slid in the glow sticks, tie shut, draw a face on your balloon and there you go-

Oh wait, I forgot to turn off the flash, hahahha......... OK-

Excuse the blurriness, it took the camera a long time to process the picture and the girls got antsy.



Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Soooo Cute!! I love that, and Martha actually posted something easy!! WOW!

a corgi said...

that looks so cute! my son, who in his youth loved glow sticks, would have enjoyed this for sure!


Monica H said...

this looks like so much fun. I want to make these too!

5thsister said...

That's "spooktacular"! (I know, poor pun but I couldn't help myself). You always have the neatest projects. And this one is quick for the easily distracted! A keeper!

Chicago Mom said...

We are definitely making these on Halloween! How cute!

Lissaloo said...

I found myself wishing for a helium tank, how awesome would these be floating around on Halloween?? lol

Kim said...

I just came over from Souper Sundays. I saw that you were making a lot of Halloween goodies and had to check them out. We are really big into Halloween over here, foods and crafts. I'm getting ready to post mummy dogs/mini mummies tomorrow. I'm excited to follow you along and see what comes next. If we only had more time before Halloween ;)

Willoughby said...

Glow sticks make everything more fun, don't they? I really like this project!

R Max said...

You are so creative! And this is CHEAP! Bonus!

I am so gonna do this!

Thank you!!!

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