Saturday, October 3, 2009

A wonderfully sweet award

I have some wonderful blog buddies, I feel like we are old friends who are reconnecting and it has helped so much. This last move was really hard on me but knowing that I was taking all of you with me helped immensely. Thank you Willoughby and 5th Sister for this sweet award, you are both wonderful! And another Thank You to all of my Blog Buddies, you make this Blogging experience such a strong, positive, and happy boost in my crazy, sometimes frustrating Life, Thank You :) : ) :)

Where is your cell phone? pocket
  • Your hair? colored ;)
  • Your mother?quiet
  • Your father? best
  • Your favorite food? salty
  • Your dream last night? none
  • Your favorite drink? water
  • Your dream/goal? quiet
  • What room are you in? family
  • Your hobby? messing
  • Your fear? everything
  • Where do you want to be in 6 years? permanent
  • Where were you last night? Home
  • Something you aren't? tall
  • Muffins? chocolate
  • Wish list item? lg food processor
  • Where did you grow up? boonies
  • Last thing you did? blinked
  • What are you wearing? jeans
  • Your TV? dusty
  • Your pets? Mr. R
  • Your friends? Rock
  • Your life? crazy
  • Your mood? happy
  • Missing someone? yes
  • Vehicle? mom van
  • Something you're not wearing? socks
  • Your favorite store? book
  • Your favorite color? green
  • When was the last time you laughed? today
  • Last time you cried? down
  • Your best friend? love
  • One place that I go over and over? computer :)
  • One person who emails me regularly? SIL
  • Favorite place to eat? home
This was really fun, I enjoyed doing it and reading everyone's answers :) I don't know how many people I am suppose to pass this on to so I am passing it on to all of my Blog Buddies. I know a lot of you already have it, but for those of you who don't I want to pass on this award- And I am looking forward to reading your answers!


Monica H said...

Well you deserve this blog award. You are such a talented blogger and great mom!


kyslp said...

Congrats on your awards! Yeah, for chocolate muffins and the boonies. (Me too.)

a corgi said...

congrats on the award; enjoyed readng your answers; moving is hard for sure; I hope you are permanently based somewhere in 6 years; it is good to put down roots (still waiting for that day here LOL)

don't we all tend to make our way back to the computer :)


Stephanie Faris said...

You're hobby...messing? Messing what?

Donna-FFW said...

Congrats on your award.. loved learning more about you.

BashfulToast said...

Willoughby said that you can't get to my blog? Maybe try again? It lets me click on it. My post should come up saying "BashfulToast at BashfulToast" If you can't get there email me.=]

Thanks for letting me know!

Chicago Mom said...

You are a great blogger and friend! Congrats on the award - you deserve it!

Thank you!!!

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