Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gourmet Popcorn Remix

I received 2 more awards, I am such a lucky girl :)
There is this one-From Holly at 504 Main she also has a wedding design blog that is Wonderful if any one is looking for ideas.
And this one-
Also from Holly and from 5th Sister who's Wonderful Blog never fails to uplift and inspire me.

I am passing these on to, again, all of my commenters who I hope grabbed that last one from the previous post as well! I am going to list you all just to be safe :)
Kys- from Stir-fry Awesomeness
5th Sister
Kim- from Stirring the Pot
RG- from Who's got the Thyme?
Betty- who no longer is posting about her Corgi :(
Holly- from 504 Main
Purple Hoodie Chick- from Bashful Toast
Willoughby- from This Stop Willoughby
Holly- from In the Kitchen with Holly
Nonna- from Mom's Loot
Chicago Mom- from What's for Dinner?
Lee- from HHH
Kristina- from Pulsipher Predilections
Monica- from Lick the Bowl Good
Donna -from My Tasty Treasures

Thank you ALL for your support and kindness to me, you are all such Wonderful Blog Friends :)

Today I did a remix (make) of my Gourmet Popcorn and 5th Sister this one is for you :)

Gourmet Andes
Chocolate Mint Popcorn
Andes mints- about 1c. before melting
1/2c. white almond bark
green food coloring
4c. popped corn

Here we go-

Folks , the arm is just a decoration, not a missing ingredient so please disregard.
Enlist a helper or 2 to unwrap all the mints- make sure you watch them though to keep pilfering to a minimum.

How many of these do you think ended up in her mouth?

I'm not sure, I looked away for a minute, my bad.
Melt your Andes Mints first, pour over the popcorn while stirring. Spread out onto wax paper. Melt the almond bark and color it with your coloring, now the almond bark doesn't pour, it blops. So I put it into a small baggie, snipped off the end and squiggled it over my popcorn.
There you go, very VERY tasty and beautiful too and it took me less than 10 minutes.
Now if you will excuse me, I need to go pick the popcorn hulls out of my teeth.


Kim said...

Congrats on your awards!! Thanks for passing them on :D Your post was cracking me up. I love the word pilfer, isn't it a funny word? Better yet - I love how you said the almond bark blops (I second that). I say all those kind of words all the time and hubby thinks I'm crazy.
I love the popcorn!

kys said...

Congrats on your awards! Thanks for passing one on to me!

That popcorn looks so good! We love Andes mints. That's why my boys request Olive Garden. (They give you one with the check.)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Thanks for passing along the love!! That popcorn looks yummy. I made Mexican wedding cookies with chocolate chips instead of nuts...my kids loved them! Yay mom!

Kristina P. said...

Thank you so much for the award!

That popcorn looks awesome.

Donna-FFW said...

Oh thank you so much for thinking of me. XXOO.

The popcorn sounds outrageously delicious!! Love the hint of mint.

Willoughby said...

Thank you for the awards!

You should definitely get a special award for most creative popcorn recipes! This one is so pretty! I'll bet it's delicious, too!

Monica H said...

I love Andes mints, but I never thought of them to go on popcorn!

You know they made Andes mint pieces that are all ready for for baking. just a thought :-)

seeking the truth said...

congrats on your award! oh my gosh! that popcorn with the mints in it! I would never have thought of making bars like that! but now I am :)

thanks for passing the award on to me :) I know I'm not blogging about Koda any more, but I'm blogging about someone much more wonderful these days :)

thanks for your kind words :)


5thsister said...

Oh thank you Lissaloo! I'm loving the popcorn!

Stephanie Faris said...

That popcorn looks delicious! I may have to try making some.

BashfulToast said...

The popcorn looks yummy!! It's fun to mess with it. And thank you so much for my award!

Brandy L said...

Great idea! Popcorn and chocolate! I seriously need to start making healthier snacks at home. :D This a great idea instead of a cookie or chips late at night.

Kristen said...

What yummy popcorn!

Holly said...

Dying over the popcorn. My son would flip..he loves popcorn and chocolate together. YUMMY!

Congrats on your awards!


Thank you!!!

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