Sunday, March 7, 2010

I am still alive

I have just been in a different mod, 1 that hasn't allowed for much online time. My treadmill is by the computer and I have been composing blogs, in my head, while walking. But then my free time is gone and I didn't get to spend any of it in BlogLand :(

On a very happy note though, I am ecstatic to announce that since January 1st I have gone from a size 22 to a size 16, a snug 16 but a 16 none the less!!!!! And I am down on top too! From a 3x to an XL!!! I haven't been this size is 5 years!!!! Even my feet have shrunk, lol.

I am needing some advice from my runner friends-
I need to go get some new tennis shoes, what should I be looking for?
Also I have been getting shin splints, very bad shin splints, for the last two weeks. Is there anything I can do to prevent them? Make them better? I have been iceing them after walking and jogging because they hurt so bad. I really don't want them to be slowing me down so if there is something I can be doing that would be great.
I will hopefully be back on here later I have some great crafts and some yummy recipes to share with you all, I hope your day is wonderful!!!!


Kristina P. said...

That is so awesome! Congrats on your weight loss!

Tracey said...

I'm so happy that you're still alive and you're smaller. I am too! I'm down 5 lbs since January and it feels good.

Personally, I like Avia and Adidas shoes since I'm on my feet all day at work. I don't run though. Yoga is more my style. They just don't make a sports bra tough enough for me to want to run and I think duct tape would hurt.

Green-Eyed Momster

Matty said...

If you've done any research on shin splints, you know that the pain comes from inflammation, irritation or even separation of the muscles along the shin bone. It usually comes from a sudden increase in exercise or an increase in the intensity of the exercise. Poor footwear can also contribute to it. Here is a link for some quick reading material on the issue, and congratulations on the success of your efforts.

That corgi :) said...

WTG on the weight loss and the exercising you are doing! That is awesome and so much more better than blogging (although we do miss your posts). Clueless about shin splints,glad Matty was able to give you some advice. I know I always look for shoes with lots of good support and padding for when I walk. Good luck with your continued efforts to get healthier (and skinnier :)


Nonna Beach said...

Oh, how I have missed you sweetie ! I am so proud you have dropped so much weight. Good job doing it while you are still is so hard to get rid of as you age !!!

I am not a runner...I'm a biker ( casual and slow ), walker and swimmer...I think running is too hard on the joints, bones and cartildge ( I can never spell that right ! ) Glad you are back !!!

Chicago Mom said...

Congrats! You are awesome! Keep up the great work!
I read once that you can strengthen the muscles that run along your shins and prevent shin splints by extending and then curling up your toes. Pretend your feet are at the edge of a towel (that is laid out in front of you) and you are going to use your toes to scrunch it all up and pull it toward you. Do you see what I am saying? It's a bit difficult to explain.
I am not much help on what kind of shoe to get, but make sure it fits you! I was in a hurry and got shoes that were too small for me, and boy did I pay for it later. :(
Good luck!!!

Kim said...

I was so happy to see you posted! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! You are just cruising right along! I bet you'll reach your goal before you know it. A big Congrats to you!!
I've been trying to cut back too and loose some weight. It really is hard when you love to cook.

Keep it up girl!!

Raoulysgirl said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you!!! Keep up the good work!!!

thamesarino said...

wow! that IS awesome!! I was so happy to see a post from you!!
I am so jealous as I am about ready to pop and I was really enjoying watching my sizes go down instead of up.... but I will have a whole beautiful new life soon, so it is worth it, and I will be content being HAPPY for you!! : )
As far as shin splints go, for me it really helped if I stretched before I went for a walk/jog AND started off a little slower and really warmed up before turning on the gas. I was also looking for a new pair of shoes to help... and then I got pregnant so I figured I needed to wait.
Good luck, with your continued success! I am so proud of you!! : )

Tammy said...

That is wonderful!! Congrats!! You have really inspired me. I have my gym bag packed and will be blowing off the dust of the treadmill. Great job and keep up the good work.

5thsister said...

You know what Lissaloo? Go over and ask LB at his blog for advice (his link is on today's blog post). I ended up going to an actual running store when I last purchased running shoes and they will find you a pair for your specific needs, that are made for your style of gait. Good luck and welcome back! (Way to go, by the way!!!!)

Monica H said...

Welcome back! I just think you are so awesome. Congrats on your weightloss!

Willoughby said...

You rock! That's a pretty awesome achievement! I've missed your posts, though.

I agree with Polly, LB is the man to ask about running. I wonder if you might be able to bike or do another activity every other day until your shin pain is better?

Holly said...

Yeah! Where have I been? Congrats...that is an awesome accomplishment.

Thank you!!!

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