Thursday, September 3, 2009

Homemade Beauty- Yummy Body Butter

I stumbled upon a really fun blog, she has great projects and a wonderful sense of humor- it's called- I want to Make That! One of the posts she does are called Make me Monday, where she makes a fun project and shows you how.
A week or 2 ago she tried out a recipe for Body Butter that didn't set up because she substituted an ingredient, you can read all about it here. It sounded so good that I really wanted to try it, so I picked up the ingredients for it. Here we are all lined up-

I went with a mixed oil of clove, birch, rosemary, cypress & marjoram, from my oil box.

I really liked the idea of a clove smelling butter. I placed the coconut oil and cocoa butter in a glass Pyrex measuring cup, and placed in the microwave for about 30 seconds then stirred together well.

Then I stirred in about 10 drops of the oil mixture, -You could use any oils you like I would just make sure that if they are NOT ones that are mellow (and that is not quite the word I wanted but the brain isn't thinkin real well) enough to put straight on your skin don't use more than 10 drops. If you use a milder (ahah! That's the one I wanted earlier!) oil like orange, lemon, tea tree, you can use more. Just add a few drops, stir and sniff, if it's not strong enough add a couple more- thats how I measure things around here :)
This did have a bit of a chocolate smell that seemed odd with the clove smell, but I didn't smell it after it had set.
Now pour it into your container- I got mine at Ross for 2$, it had some mints in it. I just washed it, dried it & decorated it a little- Wallah!

Since I am a bit impatient, after this had cooled I put it in the fridge with the lid on to see if it would set faster, and it did :) in about 1 hour. The oils seperated a little on top, but I just stirred them in a bit, with my finger, then rubbed some on my hands. YUMMY, smells good round here!

Next batch I am making with a little bit of Almond extract, sigh.
Good Stuff, Thank You for sharing this recipe Lee!


Lynn said...

How very clever of are so talented !

Willoughby said...

Love, love, love this project! This would be fun to do with the girls!

a corgi said...

I agree with what Lynn said in that you are so talented! and I do think it probably did smell very nice where you live :)


Monica H said...

I like the way you decorated the container too. perfect for gift giving (or treating yourself!)

I bet you did smell good.

Thank you!!!

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