Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Volcanos and Scrubs

Body scrubs not the show Scrubs, I have never watched it.
Today I made a couple of scrubs for my Lil' Sisters B-day present, a Lemon hand/body scrub and a Peppermint Foot scrub. They both smell yummy yummy yummy!

So here we go-

Lemon Hand Scrub
1/4c. coconut oil
1/4c. almond oil
1t. liquid lanolin
1t. vitamin E oil
15 drops lemon oil
about 1c. epsom salts

Put the salt in your container, once again I am thanking Goodwill
for my 2 cute containers. Melt the coconut oil in a heat proof glass bowl or cup. I love my glass Pyrex measuring cups for this. When that is melted stir the remaining ingred. Pour slowly over the top of your salt, I used a fork to stir mine in. It's what I had handy and it worked pretty darn well :)
Close it up and label.

Peppermint Foot Scrub
1/2c. coconut oil
1/2c. almond oil
1t. liquid lanolin
1t. vitamin E oil
15 drops peppermint oil
1-1/2c. epsom salts

Follow the instructions from above. You could use all Almond oil or all Coconut oil, you could even use Olive oil ( but I hear it smells funny after a bit). You don't REALLY need the Lanolin, it's just an extra bonus for extra softness :)
You don't even need the Vitamin E oil, it does help to preserve this so it keeps longer. But if you are making small amounts or are sure it won't last long, couple weeks, I wouldn't bother with it.

I received a sweet award from Lee over at I want to Make that! Seeing all the fun things she's been making always inspires me to get crafting! Thank You Lee!For after school snack today we tried something different, it's a volcano pancake. I have never made one frankly they kind of scared me, what if it doesn't rise???? What then?
Well I finally made one and hurray! It rose just fine, I did have some tense moments early on in the cooking time but waited it out :)
I got my basic recipe from Allrecipes it's here- Volcano Pancake.
But I did a little altering (big surprise) and here is my version-

Volcano Pancake with Strawberry Sauce

3 eggs
1/2c. milk
pinch of salt
2T. butter
1t. rum extract

4T.strawberry preserves
4T. o.j.
1t. lime juice

Heat oven to 400, put butter in a 8x8 pan and set in oven until butter melts.
Beat together by hand the eggs, milk, flour, salt and extract.
Pour over top of the melted butter and return to the oven for 30-35 min. While its baking, whisk together the preserves, and juices. After the pancake is done cooking, let it cool a couple minutes then drizzle with the sauce and serve warm.

This was delicious, this is definately a keeper, and it has so many possible ways to change up the flavor! Good Stuff :) :) :)


a corgi said...

that volcano pancake sure looks yummy! I'll have to try it down the line; what a cute after school snack!

those scrubs are another great gift idea for Christmas!

congrats on your award :)


Kristina P. said...

OK, that german pancake looks amazing. I am obsessed with them!

PurpleHoodieChick said...

I love the scrubs. If i get the chance I'm going to have to make some soon. And if I get the cash to buy the

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Those scrubs look great. I made a lavender one on my site. I didn't use it...gave it to my sis in law. Never heard if she liked it..wonder if she regifted or retrashed??

Willoughby said...

I love the scrubs! I used to make a hand scrub, but I lost the recipe years ago. I will have to try yours!

The pancake looks good, too!

You've never seen the show Scrubs? I LOVE that show! It's one of the few shows that makes me laugh so hard I cry!

kyslp said...

I think I'll have our scouts make scrubs to give their moms at Christmas this year. We did shower gel and lotion for Mother's Day last year and everyone liked it. I've never made a scrub before. Thanks for the idea!

Mini Baker said...

that lemon scrub looks/sounds so refreshing! I'll have to give it a try!

5thsister said...

Yeah, Scrubs is one of the more clever shows that have been on the boob tube. With that sad, another recipe bookmarked! Great gift idea for my sisters.

Stephanie Faris said...

That volcano pancake dish looks yummy. I'm going to have to make it!

Monica H said...

The scrubs (I've never seen the show either) look like a perfect gift. I would love either!

And that pancake looks so cool. I bet the kids loved it.

Nonna Beach said...

Love scrubs...peppermint foot it ! I may have to make some of this stuff for my friends and family this Christmas and me too ! Yummy !

Lissaloo said...

Thank you Betty :)

P H Chick- You can buy the Epsom salts at the $ store and the almond oil in bulk at most health food stores. The essential oils are the most expensive 4-9$ each. Not to bad all together, cheaper than buying 1 already made scrub I think :)

Lee- Lavender sounds lovely! I will have to go check it out :)

Willoughby- I am going to have to watch it some time then :)

kyslp- It would be a really nice easy project for them. Michael's craft store has cute glass containers for about a $ each :)

Sister- I am always on the look out for things I can make for my sisters, a couple years ago I made them each a mini purse shaped scrapbook and filled them with pictures from our sisters night out, that was probably the best gift I have ever come up with :)

Monica- My 1 year blog-a-versary is coming up maybe I should do a homemade pampering set give away! :)

Nonna- The peppermint smelled so cooling and refreshing I really wanted to keep it and go hide out in the bathroom and try it out :)

Chicago Mom said...

Congrats on your craft award - how cool!
When I saw 'scrubs' I thought you meant the clothes doctors and nurses wear. lol Your scrubs are much better!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I screwed up!! I accidentally hit publish before changing the post date!! Then it was too late. I'm a doufus!

Lissaloo said...

Thanks Chicago Mom!
Lee, I don't even know HOW to change the post date, who's the doufus now? lol! You are really on the ball posting a day ahead, that's awesome :)

Thank you!!!

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