Sunday, August 23, 2009

ExperiMint Time

You know the experiment where you drop a bunch of Mentos into a bottle of Cocoa cola and it makes a geyser? Well the kids have been wanting to do this so we finally remembered to grab the stuff for it, last night Mr K asked me if I thought he could put Cocoa Cola in his moulth and add a Mento and it would explode. He thought that would be pretty funny, so I told him we could give it a try.
So here we go.
Here is our Miss M with our Mentos

Miss K with the Cocoa Cola

Mr. K pours in some soda, adds in the Mento and....

nothing, darn it.
So Miss B wants to give it a try, She pours in the Soda,

Adds in a Mentos and.....
Again nothing, double darn.
Miss K & Miss M weren't having anything to do with something that might "explode" in their mouths, they wouldn't even touch the Mentos until I told them it wouldn't do anything without the soda. Then they both happily munched one down.
So then we talked Daddy into putting the Mentos into the rest of the soda for us

I wish I had a closer picture, but that's all she wrote.


PurpleHoodieChick said...

Very cute. I always wondered if you put them both in your mouth if it would explode. Now I know!

Monica H said...

I love it- exploding mentos! My brother did this as a science project last year.

Check out this link on youtube. Your kids will love it!

a corgi said...

when I was reading this, I was thinking "this is like doing a science fair project", then I saw that someone had done such a project; how neat!

I wonder if something in the mouth prevents the Mento from exploding

what a cute way to spend an afternoon!


5thsister said...

My kids never tire of this experiment. No wonder I can't eat stomach "blows up" everytime and the gas pains are unbearable (sorry if that was TMI)

Chicago Mom said...

Isn't it fun to do these kinds of experiments? We've done the flour, baking soda and vinegar to make a volcano erupt. Kids love it!

Willoughby said...

Very cool! My son has wanted to try that since he saw a video of it on youtube.

Lynn said...

Your children are just darling and what fun that experiment was !

Thank you!!!

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