Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spiced Mexican Chocolate Pudding

First a cute story than we will get down to the chocolate, so hang in there. Whenever I make a recipe that I plan on posting here on my blog I plate up 4 or 6 serving, then from those I pick the best looking one and take some pictures. Now the other day after I had plated up, I think it was the Blueberry Poppy Seed Coffee Cake. I handed over everyone's plates except Miss K's, because I needed to get a picture. After I had my picture I handed over the cake to the patiently waiting Miss K. And told her thanks for waiting so patiently, she said she didn't mind waiting because that meant she got the Rock Star one. ????? She explained that because this one got its photograph taken and put on my Blog that that made it the Rock Star, how cute is that :)
Now they all argue about who gets the Rock Star one, talk about your classic backfire huh??
Lol, OK on to the recipe.

Spiced Mexican Chocolate Pudding
1/4c. cornstarch
1/4c. sugar
1/2t. cinnamon
1/8t. salt
1-1/4 c. cream
1-1/4c. milk
6 oz chocolate
1T. butter
1t. vanilla

In a med. pot whisk together the cornstarch, sugar, cinnamon & salt, whisk in 1/4c. of the cream until mixture in smooth. Add in the remaining cream and milk, bring to a boil constantly whisking until starts to thicken, remove from heat and stir in remaining ingred. Serve either warm or cold.

This had great flavor, but the texture was a little to solid for me. So I think next time I will be cutting the cornstarch by a third and see how that works out. Oh, & as we were eating this someone suggested that a squirt of whip cream on top would make it perfect, sprinkled with a little cinnamon of course.


a corgi said...

I'm with the one who suggested the whipped cream on top! again it sounds yummy! I love the rock star comment! how cute they realize that most things they eat might be a blog entry :)


Monica H said...

Oh yes! How I love cinnamon and chocolate together. It's one of my favorite combinations. Whipped cream can't hurt!

Willoughby said...

I love making pudding, homemade is always so much better than the instant kind.

The Rock Star comment is really cute!

Thank you!!!

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